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3/22 Thursday 8pm Mr Beerys

3/15 Friday 8-11pm Finley's of Green St Huntington special appearance The Say 

5/18 Saturday 5/18  Montauk Music 

         1:25 Main Stage, 5:00 Shagwong,

          9:00 Memory Motel

6/29 Montauk Main Stage 2:20

7/21 Sunday Great South Bay Music                  2:30 Jambalaya stage

8/18 Long Island Music & Entertainment Hall of Fame. 3pm

1/13 Friday 8-11pm Finley's of Green St Huntington NY

2/25 Saturday 7pm Twin Fork Brewery Riverhead

3/5   Sunday 3pm Long Island Rock Hall Of Fame

         Stony Brook NY 

4/1  Saturday 8pm Brooklyn Music Kitchen

4/13  Thursday 8pm Mr Beerys 

5/13  Saturday 8-11pm Finley's of Green St Huntington NY

5/20  Saturday Montauk Music Festival

           3:30 pm Green pavilion center of town

           6 pm Shagwong right in town

           8 pm Memory Motel 692 Montauk hwy

6/3 Saturday 6/3 8pm Village Pub Lindenhurst

6/17 Saturday 8-11pm Finley's of Green St Huntington NY Special Guests Dave Seubert from Ten Ton Mojo & Rich Morton From Them Scoundrels 

6/30 Friday Doors open 7pm Rock Indiependence The Warehouse Amityville , NY

7/1 Saturday 7pmMr Beery's Bethpage Original Gossip, Outremont, The Say 

7/3 Monday 7:30pm Better Nature Records Sayville NY Original Gossip, Them Scoundrels

7/15 Saturday 8-11pm Alibi Lounge Farmingdale

7/17 WHPC Radio Nassau Community College 8pm

8/5 Saturday 8-11pm With Special Guest OutreMont Finley's of Green st Huntington NY

8/23 Wednesday 7-10 Parsnips Lake house Ronkonkoma 

9/9 Saturday 7pm Long Beach Brewing Co.

Oceanside, NY

9/29 Friday 8-11pm With Special Guest The Say Finley's of Green St Huntington NY 

10/12 Thursday 8 pm Mr Beery's Bethpage 

5/4 Saturday The Great Guitar Instrument & Audio show Musicians row come give us a visit.

Gig Dates 2022

3/4 The Tap Room LifeTime Tv Taping Five guys a week premier date 7/13/22

2/24 8:30pm  Thursday  Mr Beerys  


5/1 Sunday 3pm Rock City Dogs OG Unplugged 

5/21 Montauk Music Festival 2022 Performing 

Sole east Montauk 2:00pm

Tauk Montauk 5:00pm

Memory Motel 7:00pm


6/11 Saturday Village Pub Lindenhurst 


7/8 Friday 8pm -11pm Finley's of Green Street Huntington NY

7/10 Sunday 94.3 The Shark debut Driving to the end 8-9pm 

7/16 Saturday 9pm Connolly's the Klub 45 room 

121 W 45 st 3rd floor between 6th & Broadway

7/21 Thursday 8pm-9pm Paradise studios Massapequa 


8/19 Friday 8pm-11pm Finley's of Green Street 


9/10 Saturday 4:45 East Northport Festival

9/30 Friday 6:30 Roslyn Cellar CD release party show 


10/2  Sunday 1pm-5pm Jamesport Farm Brewery 

10/8  Saturday 5:30 4 Larry Benefit ALS The Village Pub Lindenhurst NY

10/9  Sunday 4 pm Mineola Street Fair at Willis  Avenue

12/3  Saturday 7pm Holiday spectacular Barnum

Ballroom Island Park NY

2021 Calendar

Happy New Year!

Jeff Place online acoustic show 11/19 2pm

WHPC Radio Megan Debut 1/26

Megan Video Premiere 1/27/21

Megan Video Debut on Rain music TV 2/6 cable CH 115

Megan on Rotations on Rag House Media 2/26 to 3/4

Megan play on PPRN Radio 2pm 3/14

Interview on 102.9 the mermaid WZEU Florida 3/16 9:40am

Front Liners feature on Double Trouble Radio 3/16 8pm

Front Liners on rotations on Rag House Media 3/19 to 3/25

Megan on WUSB Radio 10am 3/20

Virtual Concert from 89 North April 17th 7pm

JDC Tailgaters Holbrook May 22nd

Barnum Ballroom Island park July 2

The Bitter End August 6th 8pm

Black Diamond 107.8 FM UK Radio 9/4 9/11

KJ Farrell's Sunday September 26th 6pm

Mineola St Fair Jericho tpk & Willis ave 10/10 2pm

Jams for Benefits Stream for The Facial Pain Assoc. 11/2 

KJ Farrells Bellmore 3/31 doors open 5pm

2020 Calendar

Happy New Year!

Rams American pub 1/3/2020

NYC Debut

Rockwood Music Hall NYC 1/10/20

Bitter End NYC 2/2/20 10PM

Backyard Corona sessions jam 5/3/20

KJ Farrell's 9/1 8pm

2019 Calendar
Ziggy's corner pub 5/17
Brick house Brewery 6/5
KJ Farrell's 6/6

The Rail 6/14

K J Farrell's 6/18

Paradise Studios 7/11

Bartini Bar & Lounge 7/20

Front Street Pub 8/14 9PM-12Am

Rock Rage Radio Rise to Glory show

Saturday 8/10 6am to 8am

If you missed it I'm sure you can still stream it. They featured our song. Believe in a Song.

S. Farmingdale FD BBQ 8/17

KJ Farrell's Bellmore 9/3 9pm

Rising Stars Radio with Rick Eberle 9/9 Debut OG Music on WHPC

9/21 Rock Rage Radio Rise to Glory

Rams American Pub 9/21

10/7 Appearing Live WHPC 90.3 FM

On Rising Stars Radio show 9pm

Halloween Night

Amityville Music Hall 10/31

Paradise Studio 11/14

Revolution Bar & music hall 11/16

One Eye Jacks 11/23

KJ Farrell's Bellmore 12/3

Revolution 12/19 Grimm Jack Christmas 2019 show

KJ Farrell's Back yard Series 9/1/20

The Bitter End 8/6 8pm



Contact Original Gossip Band for Live Performances

At this time Original Gossip Is busy creating New Music in the Studio. Stay tuned for more up coming live show's.

we have a new song called 

Front Liners its dedicated to all the front line workers during this Pandemic 

go to the video page there is a link to our youtube channel.

Be safe and stay Healthy 

View our video page to see videos 

and links to Newly released videos

on YouTube

Check out our media page for all media coverage.

 Gig Dates 2023

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